AIEEE 2019 Application Form & Eligibility


AIEEE 2019

AIEEE 2019 – AIEEE exam was established since 2002 and this examination was authorized by the Central Board of Secondary Education – CBSE. Eligible students can attend this examination for getting the better score and get admission in several approved engineering and architectural related courses. Selected students are admitted only in approved educational institutions and other colleges. Most of the IIT branches and nearly 5 and all NIT branches nearly 30 will accept AIEEE examination and so these scores are taken for validation.


Eligible students are evaluated and AIEEE exam is conducted to everyone for placing them in engineering and architectural related courses. For admission in these related courses, candidates have to concentrate on getting better marks and accordingly they are placed in all reputed educational institutions for the admission in Engineering programmes.

How to apply?

  • Interested candidates can get admission in top most engineering colleges and other universities based on their pass marks in AIEEE exam
  • Candidates those who have completed higher secondary education can apply for the test

AIEEE exam and official website address:

  • February and March are right months to collect admission forms and cost will vary depends upon the mode of admission forms

AIEEE 2019 Exam Dates:

  • AIEEE Examination is scheduled during last Sunday of April month
  • AIEEE Examination results are published during last week of May month and even initial week of June month

AIEEE Exam Details:

  • Candidates can choose the most convenient exam center
  • AIEEE Examination will be scheduled during month of April last Sunday

AIEEE 2019 Question paper structure:

  • All questions are objective types of questions
  • All questions have multiple options from which we should select the one

AIEEE Subject Details:

  • Candidates have to complete their studies based on all papers suggested

Paper I:

  • 150 questions are asked
  • Candidates have to attend Paper I for total 450 marks
  • Questions are asked based on several important subjects such as Physics and Chemistry

Paper II:

  • Questions are asked based on the Mathematics subject
  • 75 questions are asked
  • Candidates have to attend the examination for total marks of 225 marks

Paper III:

  • 75 questions are asked
  • Questions will be asked based on subject of Biology
  • Total marks of 225 are allotted in this subject

Paper IV (Part I):

  • In Part I of Paper IV, candidates are allotted 150 marks
  • 50 questions are asked
  • Candidates must prepare well based on Aptitude subject

AIEEE 2019 Notifications & Important Dates

AIEEE 2019 Hall ticket Will update
AIEEE 2019 Admission Notifications & Prospectus Will update
AIEEE 2019 Application Form & online Application Form Will update
AIEEE Exam date Will update
AIEEE 2019 Results Will update
Late date for submission of AIEEE 2019 form Will update


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